Photographing the wedding experience, is one of a kind.  Capturing everything, the formal ceremonies, traditions and the reception is a big part of it, no doubt.  However we are capturing so much more.  The joining of two Souls showing the world their love, their dedication and their undying friendship that brought them together in the first place.


          This is the good stuff that keeps me intrigued and inspired to capture those epic forever moments while in a dance with ethereal light.     

          After photographing many, many weddings over the last 15 years, I have decided to do a  few, select weddings each year.  If you are interested in learning more about my wedding packages, please fill out the CONTACT info and we can discuss details. 

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"Jess did our wedding photos and I love them.  She is energetic and fun to be around.  Love her Spirit!"

-Brenda Breuer

Tie-Dye Wedding

Jessica & Nathan Riggle Wedding 

"This day was full of sunshine to match the party. The hugs and laughter filled the natural, country landscape. People that love the bride and groom mingled joyfully until the ceremony began, The bride was ravishing, the Groom was beaming."