Getting to know and have fun with my clients is truly a blessing.  There is nothing like witnessing the love and affection between Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, siblings, cousins or even your household pet.   Having the pleasure to photograph loving moments and witness the joy when they see the finished product are truly highlights to my profession. 

I have had the privilege to photograph clients consecutive times over the years, from documenting a growing family to documenting children growing up and graduating high school to re-enacting similar clothing and scenery every year as the family evolves.  

I have a wonderful package that involves photographing a "Family in Motion" package that showcases every day life for a family.  It is time intensive but I feel that the end result far outweighs the time and effort to put together a timeless heirloom for generations to come.  

For more details about this "Family in Motion" special, please fill out your information in the BOOKING page. 

Timeless Bonds...

Quality Time

"Family time is time you will never get back. This beautiful family, the Lawrence's were such a pleasure to work with. I got to see the bond between husband and wife, the children and a grandmother. The love runs deep with them..."